New Issue on the Methodology of the Treatment of Book Provenance


The new issue of the journal Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae continues to publish the results of the book provenance research and the new discoveries in the field of history of libraries, the private as well as the institutional. The main part of all articles represent the issues of the PROVENIO project.

The issue is accessible online. 

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The Books in the Times Changing

(Český Krumlov 23.-26. 10. 2014) Organizing institution: Faculty of Arts, South Bohemian University in České Budějovice)
krumlov-kasparova-mV. International Interdisciplinary Conference "The books in the Times Changing" took place in the South Bohemian town Český Krumlov on October 23-26 with participants from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Italy and France. The conference was hosted by South Bohemian University in České Budějovice. The members of the National Museum Library (J. Kašparová, P. Mašek, R. Šípek, M. Vaculínová) introduced the issues of the partial provenance research in the frame of PROVENIO project. J. Kašparová and R. Šípek also introduced general concept of the project PROVENIO and the online provenance database.     
The conference was a continuation of a series of meetings of Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian and Swiss scientists involved in the research of book provenience and the history of book culture.


PROVENIO - Web Portal Launched

The PROVENIO web portal, launched today 15 November 2012, will provide information on book provenance research and newly discovered historical book collections as well as the individual items connected with a specific owner, no matter if that was an important figure or a reader who is entirely unknown now and has inscribed his/her name in a single book. PROVENIO - The Book Provenance Database whose web search interface also forms part of this project, has so far focused mostly on the National Museum Library as a test sample where the methodology for the processing and cataloguing of provenance records in books is being developed. We are however open and welcome cooperation with any library that is interested.

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