Cataloguing Rules

Several formats and systems offered themselves for provenance data entry. The solution that was eventually selected is a traditional solution, preferring the classic library format MARC21. One reason was that it was necessary to take into account the current established cataloguing practice in the Library of the NM (predominance of VERBIS software by KP-Sys) and the other was that it will facilitate the cooperation with the European provenance database of the CERL, on whose methodology we are planning to rely (see the rules for the description of the ownership provenance in the MARC21 format). The Library uses the MARC21 format as its primary cataloguing format, so we are going to convert into it, following the given conversion rules, also data processed differently. The data structure is proposed such that it would be in compliance with the requirement for the compatibility and interoperability of the formats as well as software and would thus be capable of conversion from MARC21 and MARC21xml into another XML format if necessary.

A catalogue entry is linked with the corresponding image file (or files), showing the actual form of the provenance data in the book (photographs of ex libris, supralibros, dedications etc.). The image file will be connected with the entry via a relative hyperlink, which is possible in both MARC21 and MARCxml. This linking method will ensure the necessary flexibility and independent transfer of catalogue entries on the one hand and image files on the other. The images will be made accessible in the JPG format.